The Different Versions of Afrikaans

Hello friends,

Afrikaans has (basically & currently) three versions. Formal (better called “Proper”), informal (better called “colloquial”), and informal (better called “crazy slang”).

Formal(Proper): Well, Afrikaans doesn’t exactly have a formal version. It’s better called a proper form. The only formal thing in Afrikaans really is the formal “you” (U).

Informal(Colloquial): This version is what is used most of the time. The “you” for this form is jy.

Informal(“Crazy slang”): Okay…this version is not actually a version. It’s more of a concoction between Afrikaans, English, and Slang (no, that’s not a language!).

I will not expand on this anymore! There is nothing more to say anyway.

This form is mostly used by the coloureds in South Africa.

NOTE: It sometimes happens that an English word is changed to sound Afrikaans, and the spelling changed as well. In case you come across an “Afrikaans” word that is not in the dictionary, this may be what has happened.


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